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NeuPath is utilizing research, data-driven insights, technology, and interdisciplinary care to help restore function for patients impacted by chronic pain, spinal injuries, sport-related injuries, and concussions. With equity ownership in fifteen clinics in Ontario and Alberta, NeuPath is building out a large-scale network to better serve patients across Canada and the United States. NeuPath is focused on transforming the hope of a better life into the reality of a life more fully lived.

Chronic Pain:
The Silent Epidemic

Chronic pain has been called the ‘silent epidemic’; it gets very little attention despite the fact that its economic cost is greater than the cost of cancer, HIV, and heart disease combined. Given the cost of chronic pain – estimated to be $43 billion annually – it should be no surprise that its impact is far-reaching – affecting 1 in 5 Canadian adults.

NeuPath Health was formed to specifically address this large and growing issue and our mission is to provide patients with the care and tools required to live a complete and fulfilled life; to reclaim the daily life activities taken by injury or illness.

The majority of NeuPath’s efforts are focused on ‘high impact chronic pain patients’ (HICP). Representing approximately 5% of Canadian adults, HICP patients have difficulty going to work, going to school, taking care of themselves, or taking care of their families as a result of chronic pain. Increasingly, NeuPath is starting to connect with patients earlier in their chronic pain journey, in order to prevent the progression to HICP.

Complex &

Chronic pain is a complex condition driven by a number of biological, behavioural / psychological, and social factors. As a result, treatment plans developed by NeuPath’s licensed healthcare providers are multimodal and designed to address as many of these factors as possible. In addition to treating the pain sensation itself, NeuPath aims to educate patients and provide them with the confidence and tools required to better manage their chronic pain.

Our Brands

CPM Centres for Pain Management CPM Centres for Pain Management

CPM Centres for Pain Management is a leader in chronic pain management and is dedicated to improving quality of life for chronic pain patients.


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HealthPointe HealthPointe
HealthPointe Medical Centre is an interdisciplinary pain institute providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients in Western Canada.
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InMedic Pain Management Centres InMedic Pain Management Centres
InMedic Pain Management Centres dedicated team of medical professionals provide mutlimodal treatments for chronic pain patients in order to improve quality of life and overall wellness.
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CompreMed Canada Inc. CompreMed Canada Inc.
CompreMed Canada Inc. provides national access to objective and definitive medical assessments to help our customers manage their long and short term disability files and return to work strategies with confidence.
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